Dr. Bhagwan Koirala

Cardiothoracic surgeon, professor and Social worker Bhagawan Koirala MD, FACC is a Cardiothoracic surgeon, professor and Social worker. He is best known for leading the team of Nepalese surgeons that began Open-heart surgery in Nepal. Read more


Bhagawan Koirala (Nepaliभगवान कोइरालाMDFACC (July 24, 1960) is a Cardiothoracic surgeonprofessor and Social worker.[1] He is best known for leading the team of Nepalese surgeons that began Open-heart surgery in Nepal. He is considered a good manager of the public hospitals. Apart from leading the technical and clinical teams, he facilitated the free treatment of heart diseases for poor patients: for the children, senior citizen and those in desperate need.


Education and background

Dr Koirala completed his primary school from his hometown of Palpa. He, then completed “Certificate in General Medicine”, a degree equivalent to that of a Physician assistant, from Institute of Medicine in Kathmandu. His deep interest took him to Kharkiv, Ukraine, where he graduated from Kharkiv Medical Institute in 1989. He credits his teacher during the paramedic course for encouraging him to take career in medicine particularly in the field of cardiac surgery. He did his post-graduation in Cardiothoracic and surgery from National institute of Cardiovascular DiseasesDhaka University in 1994. He also has valid USMLE certificate. He did a year of surgical residency at the Baystate Medical Center and later continued as a fellow in cardiac surgery in the same place. He then completed a year of fellowship (2000) in pediatric cardiac surgery from the Sick Children’s Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada The Hospital for Sick Children of Toronto in 2000.[7]

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